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Hunting Africa : :

Arms & Ammunition

For the type of hunting we offer, we recommend a .338 Win Mag and greater for the larger plains game animals, and .375 minimum for dangerous game. A 7mm Rem Magnum is a good choice for all small and medium sized game. Nevertheless, the .300 Win Mag and 30-06 Spfld are popular all-around calibers for a plains game safari, we recommend that clients bring no less than 40 rounds of ammunition per rifle.

Whatever caliber you choose, the success of your safari depends very much on how well you use your firearm. We highly recommend you practice shooting often prior to the commencement of your safari. Please ensure that your rifle is grouping properly and is sighted in. You will be able to zero again, upon your arrival.

Permits for the temporary importation of your firearms are obtainable at Johannesburg International Airport upon your arrival. There are no restrictions on bringing your firearms into South Africa, except for fully automatic weapons, which are not allowed.

To bag a good trophy entails same walking and stalking. It is therefore important to be reasonably fit if you want to enjoy the hunt to the utmost. Always remember that outstanding trophies are not easy to obtain. They usually belong to wise and experienced animals, toughened by years of struggle to survive and to remain. In honest hunting there is a relationship between effort and achievement, a situation which demands the very best from you and us. We honestly wish you good results, because your achievement is also our achievement.

Other Information

Our ranch is situated in the Northern Province, with mild days and cool nights during the peak hunting period which runs from mid-March through the end of September. June and July is mid-winter and early mornings can be very cold. There is little or no rain during this period.

Malaria, although rare in the winter months, is nevertheless endemic to this area. You are therefore strongly encouraged to begin a course of anti-malaria tablets prior to your arrival - consult your physician. Medical care, if necessary, is available 50 miles from the ranch, accessible by paved road. South Africa is a healthy country and largely disease free.

It is ironic that in Africa, like the rest of the world, the hunter is also the greatest conservationist. Today in South Africa vast stretches of land consist of privately managed game ranches. These game ranches result from, and are dependent on, hunting and tourism. In each area it has made the local people aware of the economic value of wild game, thereby conserving game country that otherwise would have been used for normal agricultural purposes. From this then the very true fact: "When the game pays, the game stays".

Vehicles and equipment are maintained in the highest mechanical order but we regret that we cannot be held responsible for any breakdown which may occur. Your safety will be regarded with the utmost importance, however we accept no responsibility for any illness, loss, negligence, accident by road/air or hunting, nor any expenses arising from such illness, accident or loss. Clients are advised to arrange their own travel and accident insurance.


Comfortable boots or hiking shoes and a wide-brimmed hat, are of primary importance. Dull or khaki colored, safari-type clothing is best for the bush. Avoid clothing, which creates noise when walking. A good pair of binoculars and a warm bush jacket for the night complete a short list of essential gear. Camouflage hunting clothing is preferred.

What you need to bring:

* changes of safari clothing - medium weight, preferably khaki or camouflage.
* 1 down jacket to protect against morning and evening chill.
* 1 sweater.
* 1 pair of medium weight ankle-high hiking shoes, well broken-in.
* 1 pair tennis shoes for camp wear.
* 4 pairs medium weight socks.
* 1 wide-brimmed hat for protection from the sun and rain.
* 1 raincoat.
* 1 cartridge belt.
* 1 pair of pajamas.
* 1 casual outfit for use prior to and after the safari.
* 3 handkerchiefs.
* 4 pairs of underwear.
* Insect repellant.
* Suntan lotion.
* 1 pair of binoculars.
* 1 alarm clock.
* 1 flashlight and extra batteries.
* Sunglasses.
* Camera with plenty of film.
* Malaria tablets - consult your physician.
* Gun cleaning kit and shaving kit.
* Prescription medication.

Please note that laundry is done regularly - large quantities of clothing are not required
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