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We at Black Eagle Safaris invite you to come and join us as clients, experience South Africa at it best, and go home as friends.

"Everything was as close to perfect as one could hope for. The quality animals that I was able to take during my safari was great." - Robbie Phillips, Arizona

The Splendour of South Africa.

Black Eagle Safaris is owned and operated by Professional Hunter Piet Koen. Situated in the Limpopo Province of the Republic of South Africa. Black Eagle Safaris has access to South Africa's best hunting areas. To give the hunter a larger variety of game species, hunts are conducted in the Limpopo Province and the more open plains of the Free State Province.

Hunting with PH Piet Koen

Piet Koen, your host, is a licensed Professional Hunter with over twenty years experience and a member of Safari Club International (SCI), the Professional Hunter's Association of South Africa (PHASA) and the Dallas Safari Club. All hunts are conducted in the highest ethical manner, promoting fair chase with a respect for nature. Our years of experience in hunting different species of game in Southern Africa have nurtured a deep rooted appreciation for the wildlife of this continent and a respect for every hunted trophy. Let us share this knowledge, experience and our world famous South African hospitality with you as you hunt our ranch and hunting concessions.


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